A landmark rises and establishes its name as city's identity.
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Brys Buzz 150 Noida is holding its head in the lap of clouds. This 81 story building is specially noted for its sky reaching height. This residential project is to be finished in a height of 300 meter.

The idea was to impart a fresh energy in to the veins of dwellers in a spectacular way. This in turn led to the development of such a fabulous building which will be suitable for this period of land deficiency.

Sector 150 is highly connected to the world in a manner that is really rare to the other projects. Noida Expressway is going very close to the sector and so it connects the area with the capital and other notable parts of the city. Being very close to Noida Expressway one can reach the capital with a short drive.

Brys Buzz Noida Expressway will also connect the people to the facilities and advantages of the city. Though the sector is not raised as a city, it will be raised to that level very soon. Noida Sector 150 has a number of peculiarities that attain a special kind of prestige equal to the city.

According to the company officials this type of vertical development is the need of the hour as the land is shrinking very fast. Comparing to the last decade and present the price of the land has shown up an increase of 25 fold.

Brys Buzz 150 Noida remains one of the suitable options the modern people can adopt. This will reduce the land consumption. It will be more Eco-friendly and Nature oriented. Such high rise and vertical development will lead to less pollution and more serenity. Brys Buzz Noida Expressway is adorned with surrounding trees which breathes out fresh air. The large number of trees provides an atmosphere which is highly demanded for a healthier living. Happiness and health are achieved in the campus of Brys Buzz.

Many doubt over the difficulty in reaching the top floor. This is termed as unnecessary by the builders as they have arranged high speed escalators and lifts. This arrangement will enable one to reach the top floor within a wink time.

All sorts of modern facilities and amenities are given room in Brys Buzz 150 Noida. This will secure a happier and more comfortable life in entire possibilities. The indoor games facilities and outdoor play courts are made with perfection and care. They offer opportunity to play and grow in health.

Brys Buzz Noida Expressway will assure the quality of life. Special care is taken to foster interior facilities. Interior facilities and design are of international standard. They will ascertain the comfort – aspect of every human being. Luxury is measured according to the comfort it provides there would not be any other project to withstand the comfort and quality of life provided at Brys Buzz Noida Expressway.

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